the bureaucracy Spell

The Bureaucracy Spell

Schaeffer Cox

Well Humm,

When I was a boy, I read the Bible stories about people making idols out of wood, stone, or gold and worshiping them. I thought to myself, “That is patently silly on it’s face. How could any reasonably intelligent person worship a thing they themselves carved? They know it’s not a God; They MADE IT! Where people just way more stupid back then?”

It wasn’t until I was grown up that I finally unraveled the idol worship mystery. It’s actually not stupid at all. It’s a politically useful move to make idols. What a stone idol is is a god who is a puppet YOU control. It serves a very real purpose. To wit: It takes the heat off of you, while leaving you in control. Rather than telling people that YOU command them to do something, you tell them that the stone god commanded them to do something, and you are just here to enforce the order. This arrangement allows the political craftsman to short circuit people’s logical, natural, and reasonable objections to their edicts. A good idol is the foundation upon which the “I’m just doing my job” excuse always rests. It also allows the one who made the idol to disassociate themselves from their own actions. Which makes it much easier for them to do horrible things to people.

Idol worship is still in wide spread political use today. Think about it: What’s this difference in a statue made of wood, and a statute made of paper? They are both just a puppet made by the power crowd, that they control and can push the blame off onto. Members of the political class love to say “It’s not in my hands. This is what the policy says I must do to you. I’m sorry. My hands are tied.” Never mind the fact that the very real hands they claim are tied are the same hands that made up that policy from scratch in the first place.

This is all a form of rudimentary witchcraft, whereby a spell is cast that invites people to internalize a cognitive split between what they do, and their responsibility for doing it. Bureaucracy is part and parcel to the Dark Arts. It magically gets droves of otherwise good people to do unthinkably evil and destructive things to millions of their neighbors. And yet you can go from the top to the bottom of the bureaucracy and never be able to find even one damn person who is responsible for the damage they are doing. They may even be fully aware of the damage that is being done. But that’s the power of the spell they are under: They think they are bound to serve the deity that is those papers. Their eyes are glazed over and they can’t shake themselves out of the bureau- stupor and simply say “What on earth am I doing to my fellow man? I gota quit this! It’s wrong!” They are under “a powerful delusion” that has been around from the beginning of time, and that we know will grow stronger towards the end.

It’s sad and scary. But we were made for times such as these. Look at the heroes of the faith: Moses, Daniel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Jesus, John The Baptist, David, Samuel, Enoch, Elijah, Ester, Noah, and all the rest of them spoke truth to those under the spell. They saw past the idols, and debunked the hoax. They refused to bow down. They refused to go under the spell. From Genesis all the way to Revelation the story of not bowing down is a consistent theme. This is because God delights in the voice of one of His children when it speaks truth without any quivering fear. It’s a voice that rings like a clear and strong bell, which deaf ears may not hear, but every heart can feel.

All’s Well,

–Schaeffer Cox (2-19-19)
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Trump administration studies seeking the death penalty for drug dealers

President Trump last week suggested executing drug dealers as a way to make a dent in opioid addiction. Opioids killed nearly 64,000 people in 2016, and the crisis is straining local health and emergency services.

Trump administration studies seeking the death penalty for drug dealers Trump administration is studying new policy that could allow prosecutors to seek the death penalty for drug dealers, according to people with knowledge of the discussions, a…

Trump also has endorsed Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s approach to the issue; Duterte’s “drug war” has led to the deaths of thousands of people by extrajudicial police killings. Last year, Trump praised Duterte in a phone call for doing an “unbelievable job on the drug problem,” according to the New York Times.

Is there an internet purge of conservative voices or voices of dissension online? 

Some say yes, and that the purge is being pushed by several social media companies.

We’ve heard about censorship before… but is what is happening now an all-out purge?

This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

Reality Check: Internet Purge of Dissenting Voices?

Reality Check: Internet Purge of Dissenting Voices? there an Internet purge of conservative voices or voices of dissension online? Some say yes, and that the purge is being pushed by YouTube (owed by Google) and Facebook and Twitter.


Kansas sues a truck and loses

The trial judge agreed and the appeals court upheld his ruling.

“The time it took for dispatch to conduct a criminal history check, which in turn gave Scooby time to conduct a dog sniff, impermissibly extended the duration of the stop,” the court ruled. “We agree with the district court’s conclusion that the seizure that occurred during the dog sniff violated the Fourth Amendment, and the evidence must be suppressed.”

Kansas sues Toyota pickup after police dog finds marijuana; the truck wins | The Modesto Bee

Kansas sues Toyota pickup after police dog finds marijuana; the truck wins | The Modesto Bee state of Kansas can’t take a Toyota pickup and $84,000 from a man caught with marijuana, because the arresting officer improperly extended a traffic stop to give his police dog, “Scooby,” time to sniff out the pot, an appellate court has decided.

I personally think ALL property should be returned in unlawful search and seizures. Yes, even drugs or cannabis, whatever the property may be!

Group Creation for Members

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Welcome freedom lovers, anarchist, libertarians, voluntarist, and truth seekers. This site was primarily created for my own interest and use, however, once I open up registration you to can enjoy the features of the site and become a contributor to the network. My favorite and likely most used feature is the “Bookmarklet” tool. Each profile has a bookmarklet that can be …